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Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey

750 ml.


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American Whiskey
750 ml.
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Bernheim Original Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

93 pts.: 3/1/2011

This small-batch whiskey, with its bright copper penny color and bewitchingly sweet aromas of cocoa, mocha and fresh-baked cookies, is one of the few “straight wheat” whiskeys out there. The flavors are brisk and restrained, with leather and tobacco tones and a clean citrus and vanilla finish. Despite a relatively high proof, it still comes across as mellow and balanced. Drink straight up, with ice.

90–95 pts.: 11/1/2005

Initial scents are floral and wheat cracker-like; aeration adds deeper, mildly sweet aromas of sap, fresh vanilla bean and light honey. Palate entry is finely balanced with wood, moderately sweet grain and acidity; by midpalate the alcohol warms the throat with off-dry flavors of charred oak, light toffee and sap. Finishes elegant and warm. A true sipping whiskey.

83 pts.: Fall, 2005

Gentle in personality and predominantly sweet, with notes of honeyed vanilla, caramel, maple syrup, coconut cream pie, and a hint of red licorice. Underlying bright fruit, suggestions of green tea, and a dusting of cinnamon keep the whiskey lively and upbeat. A soft, toasted oak finish tames the sweetness and provides balance. The whiskey is more approachable and easier to drink than a typical bourbon containing rye-the spicy rye intensity isn’t there. Some bourbon enthusiasts will miss the challenge-and rewards-that the rye would normally provide. For this reason, this whiskey will be more appealing to drinkers of wheated bourbons (e.g., Maker’s Mark, Old Fitzgerald, W.L. Weller). It is an interesting change of pace from the standard bourbon fare, and it is a unique exploration of American whiskey without sacrificing authenticity.

: ,

Pretty and flawlessly clean. Aeration unleashes deep, mildly sweet aromas of sap, fresh vanilla bean, Graham crackers, and light honey. Bernheim offers a fine balance of wood, moderately sweet grain, and acidity at palate entry; by midpalate, off-dry flavors of charred oak, light toffee, and sap develop. Finishes elegantly, warm.

: December 1, 2005

Heaven Hill Distilleries’ category-resurrecting new offering , is anything to go by, it was a happy niche. Spicier than bourbon, lighter than rye, this delightful stuff fills a gap in the whiskey spectrum that we’d forgotten even existed.

: November, 2006

Refined and elegant dry whiskey with pleasing heat in the finish. Very good wheat whiskey.