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Bombay Dry Gin

750 ml. | 86 proof


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750 ml.
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12 bottles

Bombay Dry Gin  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

92 pts.: March, 1996

Medium body. Citrus, spice, stone. Soft, delicate texture. Elegance is the key here, as all components are superbly balanced in a seamless, captivating fashion.

89 pts.: 4/1/2011

Mildly scented with ginger, anise, honeysuckle and juniper. The gin has a pronounced but fleeting sweetness, and a lingering finish laced with lemon peel and licorice/fennel seed. Gin & tonic materal.

85–89 pts.: February, 2009

Nosing passes find a peppery bouquet of zesty, mildly citrusy scents of juniper, cedar, Christmas tree sap, coriander and orris root. Entry is silky, smooth, moderately sweet and keenly pine-like; the mid-palate is elegant, floral, and sweet with a touch of sap. Finishes clean, citrusy and spicy. Better than its sibling, Bombay Sapphire. Recommended.

: January, 2001

Clean, bright and aromatic, with lemon scents over juniper and a spicy backnote. Delicate and smooth, with muted juniper and citrus and coriander accents; vanilla in the medium-long finish.

: September 1, 1998

Herbaceous and oily bouquet. Touch of evergreen notes. Complex flavors: light at first, then pulls back with more control and discipline. Nice balance. Long finish. good flavors.

: Jul/Aug 2006

One of the truly venerable labels, Bombay is made from a well-guarded 1761 recipe containing eight botanicals. For many it is the gin of preference because of its crisp palate and smooth, lingering finish.

: September, 2006

Rich, powerful, and aromatic; firm on the palate and spicy with orange, juniper, and anise; somewhat fiery, citrus-rind finish.

: June 1, 1996

Properly clear, ideal clarity; sports a very clean bouquet that shows subtle touches of coriander, juniper berry, and citrus — but it’s nowhere near the glorious nose of the big-hitting Bombay Sapphire; perfectly fine, more than acceptable on palate as moderately creamy flavors of juniper, vanilla bean, and spice make their way along the taste path in good fashion; not the stuff of genius, but a better than average gin all the same.

: May 31, 2011

The Gist:
One of the vernerable, “must have” London dry gins, Bombay is distilled in Carterhead copper pot stills according to the 1761 blend of eight botanicals and aromatics. Satiny, spicy and classically juniper-forward.

The Stats:
Origin: England
Strength: 80 proof

Think while you drink:
Hoist one to Queen Victoria, Empress of India.

: June 1, 1997

Juniper aroma with hints of orange, lemons (the perfumer described it as “lemon flowers”) and roses. Dry and smooth in the mouth (the flavor chemist described it as “fresh grain”) with some herbs, spices and touches of vanilla.

: November 1, 2009

Smells of pine, cedar and Christmas tree and is spicy, mildly citrusy. Tastes of pine and sap. Few better gins for the money. Ideal for Gin & Tonic, Aviation, Dry Martini and Orange Blossom cocktails.

: December 1, 2007

Flawlessly pure and silvery clean. First whiffs detect ample amounts of juniper, cedar, Christmas tree sap-like fragrance; coriander and orris root earthiness that come alive after further aeration, creating a peppery perfume that’s zesty and mildly citrusy. Entry is silky, smooth, moderately sweet, and keenly pine-like; the midpalate stage is elegant, floral, sweet, and a touch sap-like. Finishes clean as a whistle, citrusy, and spicy. Not in the league as Beefeater and Tanqueray, but significantly better than its timid, weak-kneed kin, if nicely dressed in blue, Bombay Sapphire. Recommended.

: June, 2008

Smooth and harmonious on the palate, seamlessly blending a complex cast of flavors; elegant with a clean finish of anise. Perfect martini.