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Jim Beam Bourbon

Aged 4 Years | 1.75 L. | 80 proof


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American Whiskey
Jim Beam
1.75 L.
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6 bottles

Jim Beam Bourbon | Aged 4 Years  NV / 1.75 L.

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Published Reviews

87 pts.: March, 1997

Amber, with a copper cast. Medium-bodied. Minerals, dried herbs, nutmeg, dried citrus. Rather tight on the palate displaying ample spice and angular, yet bracing sensation. Very brisk, refreshing style.

85–89 pts.: 12/31/2008

A lovely, sophisticated bourbon bouquet comprising fruity, cornmeal aromas which are followed by a red fruit scent, all underpinned by an oaky vanilla quality. Entry is reserved, gently sweet and toffee-like; the midpalate features succulent tastes of light caramel, honey wheat bread, caramel corn and toasted almond. concludes fruity and corny. The best value American whiskey in the marketplace.

: January 1, 2009

There’s no shortage of excellent and inexpensive bourbons, but you can’t go wrong with this ubiquitous brand when you’re thirsty for a mint julep.

: December 1, 2007

Attractive golden grain/topaz/honey color; impeccable purity. Nose emits focused, fruity, cornmeal aromas in the initial whiffs; aeration highlights the red fruit scent, but doesn’t leave behind the oaky vanilla quality that underpins the entire aromatic phase; a lovely, sophisticated bourbon bouquet. Entry is clean, gently sweet, toffee-like, and reserved; the midpalate stage features succulent tastes of light caramel, honeywheat bread, caramel corn, and toasted almond. Concludes as fruity and corny as it begins. For the price, a better American whiskey you cannot find. Hint: Taste Jim Beam White Label head-to-head against Jack Daniel’s Black Label and those consumers with more that 10 functioning brain cells will go “White” for the rest of their drinking days. This is simply the finest big volume, front-line American produced whiskey for the money. Recommended & Best Buy.