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Junior Canine Wine Associate, Prestige Wine & Spirits

Barkley, a Golden Doodle who hails from just outside of Toronto, brings a decidedly unique voice to our wine staff. The son of a wine retailer, he followed (and continues to follow) his father's footsteps and has now been a part of the wine business for the last 14 dog years. His remarkable sense of smell allows him to smell the "nose" of a wine from almost a mile away, though he is somewhat limited in his abilities to pour wines for our customers at the tasting center due to his lack of opposable thumbs. Barkley loves wines of all types, though he tends to drink more reds since they pair more favorably with his entirely meat-based diet. He also carries a special affinity for canine-themed wines that shines through in his reviews.

Barkley loves to hear from his fans and fellow wine aficianados. Click here to send him an email.

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