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Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 750 ml. | 108.2 proof


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American Whiskey
Wild Turkey
750 ml.
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12 bottles

Wild Turkey Rare Breed | Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey  NV / 750 ml.

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Published Reviews

95 pts.: 12/31/1999

The round, rich nose has hints of wildflowers, caramel, oak, tobacco and leather. The body is thick and syrupy and the palate is buttery sweet with touches of honey and the same leather and tobacco notes found in the nose, but then a burst of spices come through and make this whiskey incredibly complex. The finish is long, luxurious and spicy.

92 pts. : August 29, 1999

Medium amber, with a copper glow. Slightly restrained nose of walnut, toffee and minerals. Moderately rich texture. Fruity apple-pear flavors noted on entry with a pleasant, sweet wood (vanillin) character. Well knit with a broad profile.

90–95 pts.: 11/1/2008

The bouquet offers dry notes of linoleum, new leather, hemp, woody resin and pine. Entry features well-balanced, spirited heat, sweet vanilla oakiness and sweet corn piquancy; the midpalate is deliciously smooth, satiny, cedary, spicy and has a creamed corn taste. The spirity fire appears in the aftertaste along with a seductive candied walnut flavor.

90–95 pts.: 9/1/2002

Autumnal topaz color. Gently spirity, oaky and raisiny bouquet that highlights scents of ripe nectarine, vanilla wafer and dried red fruit; a classical, prototypical Bourbon fragrance. Considering the uncut barrel strength, the palate entry is remarkably subdued; by midpalate, the alcohol builds in the back of the throat as opulent flavors of spice, tart apple, citrus and charred oak entertain the taste buds. Finishes intensely spirity. Add a splash of mineral water, sit back and enjoy a beauty from America’s finest whiskey distillery.

89 pts.: 3/1/1997

Deep amber, with a copper-orange cast. Moderately full-bodied. Herbs, citrus, cedar, honey, nutmeg. Assertive, tight, and quite forward on the palate, offering strong woody notes and a light dose of fruit. Underlying fragrance provides an interesting counter balance. Very intense at the finish. A powerhouse.

: June 1, 2004

Rare Breed offers scents of grain and dry spice, and is perfectly poised despite its high proof. It’s on the spicy side in its flavor, too, and lasts with a light sweetness.

: December 1, 2007

Bright topaz/amber hue; superb clarity. First sniffs detect dry notes of linoleum, new leather, and hemp; additional air contact brings out woody resin, cotton fiber, and pine aromas. Entry features well-balanced spirity heat with sweet vanilla oakiness and sweet corn piquant; the midpalate stage is so smooth, satiny, chewy, cedary/piney, spicy, and creamed corn-like that I feel instantly compelled to take another taste. The spirity fire appears in the aftertaste along with a seductive walnut flavor that’s a knockout. High Recommended.

: November, 2006

Full bodied, rich, and complex with aromas and flavors of fruit, vanilla, spice, and nuts, plus notes of peppermint and tobacco; lingering, toasty, spicy finish.