The Dollar Sale is on now!

The Dollar Sale at Premier: Double Up for a Buck on over 100 select wines!

The Dollar Sale is on now at Premier! For a limited time and on select wines, when you buy one bottle at regular price, get a second identical bottle for just ONE DOLLAR! DOUBLE UP FOR A BUCK!

Monthly Archives: May 2012

  1. And Then Came the Last Days of May...

    It seems as though warm weather is upon us early and with tomorrow it will already be June. Thankfully, we have been blessed by our suppliers in ensuring that the 2011 vintage of dry rosés have arrived early, and are ready for mass consumption.

    Old favorites like Tres Ojos (Spain), Chateau L’Ermitage (France) and La Vieille Ferme (France) are back as well as new wines from places such as Oregon, Austria, and Italy. The Dollar Sale has also begun, and the Delatour Grenache rosé is back at a great price; only $6.00 per bottle when you buy two. I should also add that we still have a good supply of Tavel rosé from 2010 that are on sale and still drinking great. These wines are all perfectly dry, so don’t let the pink color fool you. I think you’ll find they perfectly compliment a lot of warm-weather picnic fare. Please ask for a recommendation next time you stop in.

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  2. Local Wine, Missions, Great Food and Mezcal

    Through my friend Brigam, who used to manage Chautauqua’s Vetter Vineyards winery, I volunteered with a group called Adventures In Life Ministry on a Mission trip to Oaxaca Mexico (Mexico’s Culinary Capitol!). In addition to the ruins at Monte Alban, I got to visit an incredible market with fresh meats, wonderful cheeses, leather goods and crafts. Most stunning was the fantastic local Spirit, Mezcal- available for sampling!

    In the mornings we would leave our base camp in the city of Tlacolula and ride through the hills and mountains in the back of a pick up truck to San Baltazar to visit local people and work on various projects. The air in some little stops along the way appeared almost foggy with the sweet smoke of the local Mezcal makers “smoking’ their Agave plants before using them to make their delicious spirit. The resulting drink was complex, delicious and had a great smokey flavor a connoisseur of fine Islay Scotch might appreciate.

    If anyone

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