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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  1. Great Wines for Under $10: Tilia Torrontes 2011

    Yes, it is time to break away from the French wines temporarily with this gem from Argentina. In case you’ve never tried this wine or heard of for that matter, Torrontes is the major white grape of South America. If you like Sauvignon Blancs or if you’re looking for a refreshing and more complex alternative to Pinot Grigio, seek out Tilia Torrontes. At $ 8.99 a bottle, this could be a summer staple. The aroma is floral. Some have found jasmine, others magnolia. I can only say with certainty it is floral. Strong citrus notes were repeated on the palate along with pear and fig. See what I mean about complex?

    Torrontes pairs wonderfully with fish and chicken dishes. Try shrimp kabobs with lime or baked haddock.

    It is going to be very hot this weekend, so whether you’re going on a picnic, off to the beach or simply trying to keep cool in the A/C, try a bottle of Tilia Torrontes.

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  2. Great Wines for Under $10: Domaine Du Gouyat 2009 Sauvignon

    It seems like I just can’t get enough white wines from France these days, but they’re just so damn good! This 2009 Sauvignon Blanc is the type of wine that is quite versatile. The floral and citrus nose will activate your June senses, although the golden color will remind you of a late August day. This wine is more round than many New Zealand style Sauvignon Blancs and the taste is more apple and pear like than citrus. It finishes with a smidgen of honey.

    The beauty of this wine is that it will transcend perfectly into Fall and will pair nicely with seafood soups or Maytag Bleu cheese and green apple salads. Grab this wine for $7.99 while it lasts.
    Coming soon- A blog about a wine that isn’t French. Stay tuned.

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  3. Great Wines for Under $10: Chateau La Mouliniere 2011 Bordeaux Blanc Sec

    Chateau La Mouliniere 2011 Bordeaux Blanc Sec

    Once again we have another terrific white wine from France that will taste delightful on a warm summer day. This white Bordeaux is a 50/50 blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion. Increasing the amount of Semillion from 20% to 50% has given the wine more body plus more complex fruit notes. The color is pale straw and is indicative of the bright, sunny fruit taste to come. Take a strong sniff and notice aromas ranging from pear, melon, even elderflower. As promised, this Bordeaux tastes of sunny fruit including green apple, lime, peach, and nectarine. This is a perfect picnic wine and will pair well with cold chicken, summer salads or shrimp cocktail.
    Before June 17th, take advantage of our “Double up for a Buck” sale and get two bottles of this wonderful wine for $13.00.

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  4. Great Wines for Under $10: Vouvray

    Summer is nearly here and many of us are yearning for cool, crisp whites. Already sales of Pinot Grigios, Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings are climbing. This is a good time to try out some other wines you might not consider during the colder months.

    Recently, my wife and I decided to make broiled mahi-mahi with mango salsa for dinner. Normally, I would probably pair this meal with a semi-dry Riesling to compliment the hot spice and sweetness of the dish. Then I remembered a wine I recently tasted, a Rosnay 2009 Vouvray which is made from the Chenin Blanc grape. It is one of the best value wines I’ve ever sampled. This wine made a startling impression on me as a casual sipper, but I was curious how it would pair with certain foods.

    The wine paired beautifully with the mahi-mahi. The floral, lemon-peach nose carries through as you taste the wine and the sip brings a subtle taste of honey as well. The wine did not overpower the fish and actually helped to tame some

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  5. Touring and Tasting at Local Wineries

    My first real “wine moment” was spent at Chautauqua’s Johnson Estate Winery. A wonderful winery near a nice hiking spot called Panama Rocks. I had met their Winery Representative, Bob Dahl, while working in the stock department of Premier Liquor (then on Delaware) and it just seemed natural to go visit him on my hiking excursion.

    Bob and Winemaker, Mark Lancaster, spent the entire afternoon teaching me about their winery and the grapes they used to make some of the area’s finest wines. We had such a great time learning, seeing the vineyards and tasting. I started visiting as many wineries as we could- even spent my honeymoon at Chateau LaFayette Reneau on Seneca Lake!

    As time rolled on, my passion for wine turned into a career, I left the stock department and became the Assistant Wine Manager at Premier and went on to become the Wine Manager at Prestige Wines and Spirits (Still a Member of the Premier Group) in Orchard Park. Every day I seem to learn

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