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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  1. Great Wines for Under $10: Ringside Zinfandel 2010

    How about a wine that will work for you rain or shine? Because- let’s face it. The sun is out as I write this, but hey, this is Buffalo and it could pour at any moment. If you need to be flexible in this magical land of quick change weather, try the Ringside Zinfandel. This dark purple beauty has plenty of black berry and cherry flavor, enhanced by clove and other baking spices. It’s somewhat jammy but finishes nicely with a smidgen of black pepper.

    If it rains this zinfandel pairs wonderfully with quesadillas from your kitchen or if the sun is out and you are into the grilling mode, try this wine with grilled veggie burgers topped off with sharp cheddar, smoked gouda or bleu cheese.
    Right now you can enjoy the Ringside Zinfandel for $7.00 a bottle with our “ Double up for a Buck “ sale.

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  2. Great Wines for Under $10: Ch. Lamothe Bordeaux Rosé 2011

    The drought is subsiding a bit, but we know it will return. This lively French Rosé will make a substantial dent in your thirst. The Château Lamothe Bordeaux Rosé is a fascinating Rosé made up of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. It has a darker color than the Rosés of Provence, but for my money, has considerable complexity with strawberries and a hint of lemon on the nose. Dry, berry fruit flavors are complimented by soft tannins in the finish. Despite the two grapes used in making this wine, it is light and refreshing. This is a wine you will want to serve well chilled. Enjoy Ch. Lamothe with Barbecued pork or spinach – feta chicken sausages on the grill.

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  3. Great Wines for Under $10: Finca del Castillo Tempranillo 2011

    So you want to grill this weekend, possibly even barbecue some chicken. Well, you might be a little nuts considering how hot it is but, hey, this is what we do on weekends in the good ole summertime. You might think I’m a bit nuts myself considering the wine I’m going to suggest. But that’s okay, because this wine comes from La Mancha where one of the most famous nuts in literature came from: Don Quixote.

    The Finca del Castillo Tempranillo is a dry Spanish Red that is medium bodied with substantial red berry fruit. Because it is fruit forward without the influence of oak, this wine is a great match for a spicy barbecued chicken. Another great benefit of this wine is it can be served slightly chilled on a sultry day without compromising the fruity-spicy flavor.

    Right now, you can pick this Spanish treasure up for $5.99.

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  4. Great Wines for Under $10: Chateau L’ermitage Rose 2011

    We are back to the French wines this week for a very good reason; it’s extremely hot out and it is time for a refreshing alternative to white wine that will make the most ardent red lovers happy as well. What better than a French Rose? This is not your grandma’s Rose, nor your grandaughter’s for that matter. This wine is not sweet. It is quite dry but delightfully refreshing.

    The Chateau L’ermitage Rose 2011 is a medium light color, similar to watermelon where it meets the white edges. The nose has ripe peach and faint melon scents. Light strawberry and raspberry is prominent thanks to the Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre grapes that make up this delicate Rhone Rose. There isn’t a smidgen of sweetness in this wine, but it is so crisp and fresh tasting that it makes a terrific wine to beat the heat.

    Have this Rose with a blackened salmon Caesar salad. A perfect summer lunch!

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