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  1. Great Wines for Under $10: Boxhead Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

    So you say you miss some of your heavier weight reds throughout this particularly warm summer? Are you getting a bit white wine worn? You say you love crisp, citrusy and refreshing but enough already? Ok then, ‘cause you’re not alone. Go ahead and think ripe, rich, and red even if it is 85 degrees outside. Be a rebel!

    We have the perfect wine for you. Boxhead 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon is a bit of a rebel itself due to the fact that this Australian Cab is quite different from your typical California variety. This Cab will remind you of a Shiraz, but it has some significant differences as well. There is a lovely aroma of fresh baked blueberry pie and a smidgen of clove. Then you take a sip and dark berries burst in your mouth followed by more Christmas spice and a tart finish of strawberry rhubarb.

    This is a wonderful surprise for $9.99. Pair this wine with sausage and mushroom pizza. So be a rebel, eat pizza and drink Australian Cab when it’s 85 degrees!

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  2. Great Wines for Under $10: Babarosa Prosecco NV

    Until now, we have basically ignored sparkling wines this summer (or I should say I have) which is really not fair. After all, summer is a simple, casual, easy going yet celebratory time when the informal becomes more appealing. Case in point is the Babarosa Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine that is not sophisticated like Champagne, but is easy to drink, pleases many palates, and pairs well with many dishes.

    This Prosecco is an extra dry wine (which in the sparkling wine world means semi-dry) so it has a hint of sweetness. The color is bright golden, yellow like the summer sun. Peaches and pear with a faint citrus aroma draw you in as the fizz tickles your nose ever so gently. The taste is fresh and bright like ripe, crisp apples complemented by more citrus and stone fruit. I enjoyed this Prosecco with Swiss cheese and crackers and also tried it with chocolate. It pairs very well with Linguine and White Clam sauce.

    The Fair is nearly over, summer is coming to an end, so

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  3. Julia Child

    If you did not know chef, author, and probably the earliest television celebrity cook, Julia Child, would have been 100 years old today. Julia was an early supporter of wine and food pairings in her cookbooks. Even if you are "culinary challenged" stop in and grab a bottle of wine for a toast to Julia this evening. Something old world like Burgundy, Bordeaux, or Rioja is probably appropriate.

    If you need some inspiration and don't own one of her books, check out this link:

    Or for a list of her Top 100 recipes:’s-100-favorite-recipes-revealed.

    And if you need a laugh today, search on YouTube for her appearance on an early David Letterman show. Bon Appétit!

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  4. Great Wines for Under $10: Underwood Cellars Pinot Gris 2011

    In the summertime many wine drinkers naturally flock toward Pinot Grigio because of its light, fruity, easy drinking characteristics. It makes sense because summer itself should be easy and uncomplicated. But there are some of us who want something that is perhaps a wee bit more complex without becoming too extravagant. The answer is actually in the very same grape, but grown and produced in different areas such as Alsace in France, northern California and Oregon. Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris may be the same grape but they are significantly different animals. Pinot Gris is slightly heavier and more intricate than Pinot Grigio.

    The 2011 Underwood Pinot Gris from Oregon is definitely a bargain at $9.99. This golden –straw colored beauty smells of honey dew melon and pear. Lemon –lime with more pear and faint apple are complemented by spice on the palate. This Pinot Gris will also be a great summer to fall transition wine.

    Try this wine with crab sushi and pickled

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  5. Great Wines for Under $10: Domaine L’Enclos Gros Manseng 2011 / 750 ml

    On Wednesday night nearly thirty students showed up for our “Summer value wines” class. There was a wide variety of wines to please hot weather palates, but the most popular was the Domaine L’Enclos Gros Manseng. This is fascinating because it happens to be the most obscure of the wines poured. Nevertheless, the “oohs” and “ aahs” nearly reached a crescendo in the classroom.

    The Gros Manseng grape is practically unheard of beyond its home in Southwest France. Soft pear, peach, and a good dose of citrus flavors with balanced acidity make this a terrific summer wine. It is comparable to a Vouvray and will please off-dry Riesling drinkers as well.

    This wine is delicious on its own, but is a great pairing wine as well. Try it with apple slices and soft cheeses or for a nearly perfect wine–food experience, try it with a spicy Thai soup with coconut milk, followed by a spring roll.

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