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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  1. Great Value Wines: Ch Le Bonnat Graves 2009

    A few weeks back, I tried a delicious Medoc that impressed me a great deal. The wine was beautifully balanced at a terrific price. It is rare that a Bordeaux of that quality comes in under twenty dollars.

    This week I was pleasantly surprised once again by another terrific Bordeaux for $14.99. This one is a Graves that is a fifty-fifty blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a delicate nose but don’t let that fool you. This red has wonderful fruit. It has very concentrated black currant, blackberry and plum flavors. Underneath, there is a bit of licorice and a touch of vanilla and spice. The finish is smooth with soft tannins.

    Often the word velvety is over used to describe the mouth feel of fine wines, but in this case, I believe the descriptor is quite accurate. Give this wine sufficient time to breathe in order to get the full effect of the fruit.
    This wine will pair very easily with many assorted meat dishes including beef, pork, or turkey and chicken.

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  2. Great Value Wines: The Curator 2011 Red Blend

    Even before you taste this wine, or open the bottle for that matter, you will be intrigued by the nostalgic label reminiscent of an illustration from a boy’s adventure novel from the 1930’s. The label and even the name, hints at a mysterious cellar, possibly in a desert region. But make no mistake; there is nothing old or dusty about this wine. It is vibrant and complex with a satisfying finish.

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  3. Great Value Wines: Cline 2012 Viognier

    “Spring is here …. Why doesn’t my heart go dancing? “Why? I’ll tell you why! It’s too freakin’ cold, that’s why! Be that as it may, I still encourage you to get a taste of Spring with a wine that smells like the long awaited season.

    From the first sniff to your last sip, the Cline 2012 Viognier will definitely put you in the mood for Spring. When you first open the bottle, you will be pleasantly assaulted by melon, pineapple, citrus and floral scents. You can almost feel a warm breeze gently blowing nearby. The color is deep and rich, somewhere between honey and apple juice. This wine is surprisingly heavy on the tongue. It is also low on acidity but has a very lively flavor. Lemon, apricot, pineapple and a hint of smoke make this a delightful treat as an appertif with mild cheeses or a fruity pairing for Asian dishes (I recommend Thai food or a Shrimp Curry Boullaibase).

    Currently, this wine runs $10.99

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  4. Great Value Wines: Jelu 2010 Malbec

    The snow has stopped…. for now, and while we are itching for Spring, cool weather still prevails and reds are still high in demand. Stews are still being consumed with other meaty comfort foods like meatloaf and chili. There are many reds that pair well with these dishes. However, I personally love a strong, fruit driven spicy Malbec.
    The 2010 Jelu Malbec is a very dark purple, nearly black wine with a deep plum aroma and spice with plum and chocolate flavors with more spice on the palate. It will be difficult to have just one glass so if you are sharing, I advise you to buy at least two bottles at the terrific bargain price of $8.99 a bottle. Try this wine with nachos and salsa. Delicious.
    Note: Due to the fact that many of the wines I have tasted lately and wish to share with you are slightly over the $10.00 mark that I originally intended for this blog, I have changed the name to Great Value Wines. This will give me more flexibility when choosing great wines that may

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