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Get it there by Christmas!

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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  1. Nativ Falanghina 2012: An Italian Aromatic Alternative

    Pinot Grigio may be the most popular of Italian white wines, but in my humble opinion there are many interesting choices that are often overlooked. A case in point is Falanghina. This dry white, native to the southern region of Campania, has a bright yellow color with a slightly green tint.

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  2. Great Value Wines: Bleecker NV Chardonnay

    The first thing you might wonder about this wine is how good can a non-vintage chardonnay be when some of the least expensive and lousy tasting wines have vintages? Don't over think this one folks.  There are wines out there where using a vintage year has little to do with quality and more about false expectations, but not this gem. This wine delivers.

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