Monthly Archives: January 2015

  1. Vicchiomaggio 2012 Chianti Classico San Jacopo: Chianti Classico and Cinema Classico

    This weeks’ film and wine pairing exhibit two Italian classics.  You could say that Chianti Classico and the film Cinema Paradiso are two great musts from Italian culture.  Chianti is probably the most recognized wine from Italy.  Cinema Paradiso may not be the best of Italian cinema, but it is both charming and significant due to its subject matter which deals with film itself.

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  2. Geyserville Cellars 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel - California Zinfandel and California Culture

    Recently I tried a new California Zinfandel and wondered what film I could tie in with it?  There are loads of great California movies but how could I decide?  Then I considered that three of the major constants in American culture have to be California, cars, and Rock n’ Roll.  Well, one came to mind that had those three major constants and that was American Graffiti. It is a perfect film for California, cars, and Rock n’ Roll.

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  3. 13 Celsius 2013 Sauvignon Blanc: Let's Pretend We're on a Beach

    Let's Pretend We're at the Beach

    I know it is January.  I know it’s really Freakin’ cold outside.  And further more I know it’s a bit nuts to be talking about Sauvignon Blanc which I normally don’t even begin to think about before May, but… we all are a little bit nuts. Look where we chose to live for God’s sake.  So instead of just embracing heavy warm clothes and heavy red wines, let’s delve into a world where snow is gone, breezes are warm and balmy and instead of frozen over ice- gray lakes we see turquoise surf churning up from an ocean far, far away.  Sound good? Alright then.  All you have to do is rent a couple of movies and buy a bottle or two of wine.  

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