Monthly Archives: May 2015

  1. La Giribaldina Monte del Mare, Barbera d'Asti 2013: Random Wine Blog? Somewhat…

    It’s time for me to talk about a wine because I really liked it and for no better reason.  I have no holiday or seasonal agenda here, although I do enjoy discussing the merits of a fine Claret with a Christmas dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding.  This particular blog is I admit, somewhat random.  

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  2. Michel Schlumberger 2012 Pinot Noir: A Change of Pace for Memorial Day

    For Memorial Day weekend, why not try something a bit different than the ‘go to’ cabs and or red blends for your cookout? Think something a bit lighter, but still hearty that with a slight chill can hold up to practically anything you throw on the grill. Try a Pinot Noir from Sonoma.

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  3. Santo 2013 Santorini Assyrtiko: Greek White Wine, Bright White Sun, and Dancing on the Beach

    Sometimes it is difficult to go against the temptation to discuss summer wines beyond the traditional whites and even Roses.  But it is important to take a chance, to stretch and hopefully introduce a wine that few have tried in order to not only sell a different wine, but more importantly attempt to expand individual palates for the simple love of it.  I feel the same way about film. 

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  4. May...Rose...Hey, It's Mother's Day!

    Roses for Mother's Day

    Cinco de Mayo may be over, but there is still plenty to celebrate. It’s May, it’s warm and most importantly, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Last Mother’s Day, I mentioned the 2013 Dom De Paris Rose and how delicious it was. This year is no different for the new vintage as well as several other Roses. Here is a brief sampling of roses from different regions.

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