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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  1. Arrowhead Spring 2012 Pinot Noir: A New York Summer Red

    Niagara Falls

    Recently I attended a wine tasting where most of the sippers were from other parts of the country including Maryland, Virginia, California and more.  The wines they were drinking were from New York and nearly all the wines were dry and not generally associated with upstate New York. All the wines were well received, but one in particular stood out: the Arrowhead Spring 2012 Pinot Noir. 

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  2. More Mezcal! The Delicious Meteoro

    Legend has it that many years ago a meteor fell from the sky and hit Oaxaca, Mexico. It was then that a local mezcalero decided to use the red hot pit left from the impact to cook his magueys before distilling them into mezcal.

    Category… 100% Joven Espadin, 45% Alcohol

    Origin… Las Margaritas, Oaxaca

    Tasting Notes… Very pretty floral, sweet nose showing mild heat. This pleasant mezcal really opens up in the glass. Upon entry there’s that heat, citrus peel and then — BAM! Lots of mineral carrying through on the finish with the citrus peel peeking through. Maybe that’s the meteor effect. Wine lovers will recall a similarity with high end bone dry Riesling,

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  3. Bodega Calle Reserva Syrah 2013: A Wonderful Wine and a Classic Dad

    Sunday is Father’s Day and with it usually comes warm weather resulting in several cookouts and picnics.  A considerable amount of beer and cheap wine will be consumed along with several burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chickens and ribs.  That’s okay, but why not have a better quality wine for dear old Dad? How about something delicious, versatile and memorable as well?

    The Bodega Calle- Reserva Syrah 2013 is a perfect choice for this weekend.  Fermented in concrete tanks and aged for12 months in oak, this organic Syrah is bright purple with enticing aromas of blackberries, tart cherries, smoky bacon and vanilla. On the palate dark fruit continues along with a distinct dark, bitter chocolate and anise spice. The finish is round and full. Although it may be technically a “New World” style, this is definitely more like a Rhone style Syrah than a jammy Australian Shiraz. This wine will pair nicely with nearly anything you put on the grill. 

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  4. L'Orangeraie Rose 2014: Orange is the New Red? White?

    Admittedly my title for this blog may sound like an exaggeration and yes, it is.  But maybe not for the hot summer months. Roses are catching on in Western New York and we of course at Premier, have plenty of them. They are bold diplomats who answer the call of those looking for something different from the wave of Red Blends and Pinot Grigios regularly consumed.

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  5. Este Vinho Verdi 2014: A Lawn Party Favorite on a Budget

    You’re having a casual lawn party this weekend and several of your guests will be expecting a fairly dry, easy drinking white.  You could opt for the usual suspects – Pinot Grigio, un-oaked Chardonnay, dry Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc but predictability and cost may be an issue. Therefore, go green (green as in Verdi, that is). 

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