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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  1. Just a Reminder….For the Rose Curious

    Fan the flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship, and pass the rosy wine.” -Charles Dickens

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  2. Borell-Diehl 2014 Gewurztraminer Kabinett Pfalz: Spice is more than Nice.

    Borell-Diehl Gewurztraminer Kabinett Pairing

    The first time I tried a Gewurztraminer was at an Indian restaurant several years ago.  It was also the first time I had a more extensive taste of Indian foods.  I asked the waiter what would go well with my order and he told me about this unusual white wine that could hold its’ own with all the bold spices and complexity of Indian food.  He was right on the money. To me it was a marriage made in heaven and I have loved this pairing ever since.

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  3. Espiritu Lauro Mezcal

    Brand… Espiritu LauroEspiritu Lauro

    Category… Ensamble… 70% Espadin, 30% Karwinskii… 40% Alcohol

    Origin… Amatengo, Oaxaca

    Tasting Notes… This has a fresh minerally nose, mild smoke with subtle floral notes. There is some nice body on entry, viscous with very strong notes of pine that give way to even more mineral on the slightly sweet, long finish. This is a nice mezcal. I’d serve it straight up or with a little pineapple juice. If you are creative, consider adding a little vanilla ice cream and some mandarin oranges. It could make a great dessert!

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  4. The Wine Press Pinot Noir 2010 - Celebrate the Fourth with Pinot Noir and a Timely Classic

    This July Fourth I recommend The Wine Press 2010 Pinot Noir.  This Sonoma County style Pinot is very well balanced and has a distinct cherry juice color. It is medium bodied and dry with slight tannins. The nose is a bit earthy and has a strong raspberry and cranberry fruit aroma along with a pleasant whiff of clove.  The spice continues on the palate along with tart cherry, pomegranate, cranberry and a bit of cola. Enjoy this Pinot Noir with grilled Salmon, or marinated chicken kabobs.

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