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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. Menhir 2012 Negroamaro N’0 Zero - Don’t Count out the Reds.

    In the next few months many of us will be focusing on lighter, crisper wines such as Sauvignon Blancs, Vinho Verdes and dry Roses to name a few. That doesn’t mean, however, reds won’t come into play, especially where grilled meats are concerned.  

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  2. Wilson and Wilson: A great wine and a first class performer

    The name Wilson can conjure up several images from athletic equipment, the rock sisters of Heart, the acting brothers Luke and Owen, or a president of the USA.  For me, the name means two significant things; a terrific wine from California and an outstanding Jazz and Pop standards singer, Nancy Wilson.

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  3. Jaxon Keys Farmhouse Red 2012 - Mendocino County: Rich Land, Wine and Film

    Several years ago my wife and I visited Northern California where we spent time in San Francisco and points north. Most of our trip was spent in Mendocino County which I found to be geographically diverse and beautiful. There was coastline, hills, redwood forest, farms, scenic fishing villages, costal hamlets and several vineyards.

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