Dan Updike

  1. Irish Whiskey: It's a great time to be Irish

    Irish Whiskey

    In the last few years sales of "brown spirits," especially bourbon, have been red hot. However, that comes with a (literally) steep price as we have seen many favorites become unattainable for varying lengths of time or unfortunately disappear altogether.

    The only good news is that there are several whiskey categories, one being Irish Whiskey, which offers many new entries and alternatives at relatively attractive quality-to-price ratio.

    Irish Whiskey is divided into three categories; blends (which are usually less expensive), single pot stills and single malts. Each has their own place and distinct flavor profile.

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  2. Just Arrived: Wines from Eric Solomon

    Some of our customers will remember this name from a few years back. The Novellum Chardonnay by Domaine LaFage has returned to Prestige Wines! This Eric Solomon imported wine just scored 90 Points by Robert Parker. The best part is it is only $9.99 with Premier Card (normally $12.99).

    Speaking of the esteemed Mr. Solomon, he also imports unique wines under the Tikves label from Macedonia of all places. We have the Robert Parker 90 point-rated Vranec Special Select and the Bela Voda (Vranec/Plavec grape blend) wine that Parker mentioned on his Twitter feed. He scored that wine 94 points! Both wines were crafted by famed Rhone winemaker/consultant Philippe Cambie. A must try at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

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