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  1. Easter Wines for 2017

    Easter Wines 2017
    Easter Sadness

    Easter is upon us and this year I thought it would be fun to offer a few more choices in different categories. Hopefully you will see a few surprises.


    1. Vouvray: Les Lys Vouvray 2015

    Made from 100% Chenin Blanc this is an off-dry white with notes of delicate perfume, stone fruit and tropical fruit, a hint of almond, and a pleasant dose of honey. It has low acidity and a soft, round finish. This wine pairs well with sweet and salty honey-glazed ham with a side of scalloped potatoes.

    2. Riesling: Boundary Breaks Ovid Line North 2014

    The nose on this Finger Lakes Riesling offers scents of honey, wax, and peach. This off-dry Riesling has fine texture and pleasant, lingering flavors and is very well balanced. This wine can easily take on not just salty-sweet ham, but smoked kielbasa, hard boiled eggs and horseradish.

    3. Pinot Gris: Willm Pinot Gris Reserve 2014

    The Willm Pinot Gris has a golden color with a very faint pink hue

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  2. Two Distinct Roses - As Summer Fades…Roses Needn’t

    Two Distinct Roses

    You wouldn’t know it by the temperature of late, but fall is approaching and summer will be just a memory.  It’s been great for Rose sales where several red wine diehards have found a chilled and refreshing alternative to their favorite room temperature “go to” for most of the year.

    So do we say farewell to the roses until next May and focus strictly on the reds? If many of us drink white wine all year as well as red, then why not rose?  In fact, think about food pairings where rose could be the perfect choice.  Thanksgiving could be a whole new experience for some folks.  Rose and turkey is a winner combination.

    There are several roses we have to choose from that come from various parts of the world. Often they are blends but I would like to mention two particular favorites that are single varietal wines. Chateau De La Deidiere is a rose from Provence and is made from 100% Grenache grapes. This wine comes in a lovely curvaceous

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  3. La Mouliniere and Cote Mas Roses: To Mom from France with Love

    Some may think it is stereotypical to pick a Rose for a blog entry for Mother’s Day.  I beg to differ. The Roses that I’m writing about may be a variation of a shade of pink, but that does not mean these wines are syrupy and one dimensional. Guys, if you are listening. Not all women like Pink Moscato or White Zinfandel anymore than all men like Budweiser or Jack Daniels. These Roses are dry (often like Moms’sense of humor) but refreshing and full of flavor.

    Our May Double Up for a Buck event just began and we have two new Roses on the sale

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  4. Southtowns Takeout and Wine: Cozy Thai Restaurant (Hamburg) and Fado 2014 Rose

    Southtowns Takeout and Wine Pairings

    One of my favorite restaurants in Hamburg is located in an unassuming house on Evans Street.  It’s called Cozy Thai  and it offers a delightful respite from the usual Western fare. The menu is large and versatile enough to intrigue carnivores, seafood lovers and vegetarians alike. Several enticing dishes with ingredients ranging from shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, eggplant, peanut sauce, basil leaves, bell peppers, bamboo, coconut, rice and hot pepper sauce make this a top of the list culinary adventure.

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  5. Just a Reminder….For the Rose Curious

    Fan the flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship, and pass the rosy wine.” -Charles Dickens

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  6. L'Orangeraie Rose 2014: Orange is the New Red? White?

    Admittedly my title for this blog may sound like an exaggeration and yes, it is.  But maybe not for the hot summer months. Roses are catching on in Western New York and we of course at Premier, have plenty of them. They are bold diplomats who answer the call of those looking for something different from the wave of Red Blends and Pinot Grigios regularly consumed.

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  7. May...Rose...Hey, It's Mother's Day!

    Roses for Mother's Day

    Cinco de Mayo may be over, but there is still plenty to celebrate. It’s May, it’s warm and most importantly, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Last Mother’s Day, I mentioned the 2013 Dom De Paris Rose and how delicious it was. This year is no different for the new vintage as well as several other Roses. Here is a brief sampling of roses from different regions.

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  8. Laurant Miquel Rose Cinsault- Syrah 2014 - It’s Porch Sipping Time Again

    This past Monday, I sat on the screened in porch for the first time in several months – like 7 or so, and felt alive and nostalgic at the same time.  The breeze was very strong but warm and pleasant, nothing like the bitter winds we‘d been experiencing for so long.  I finally felt it. What I had been waiting for.  It’s porch sitting time again.  And what comes with porch sitting is porch sipping.

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  9. Tuscany Trip (Pt. 2): Where the beauty of land, food and wine are inseparable

    Tuscan Wine Trip

    Trying to discuss in a blog all the wines I tasted in Tuscany is a bit like showing slides of your trip to Europe in 5 minutes – your guests might be relieved, but what did they really see?  So for the sake of your sanity, dear reader, I will mention just a few wines and then focus on some you can purchase without selling your children.

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  10. Chateau Lamothe 2013 Bordeaux Rose – An Explosive Rose for the Fourth

    Last weekend I recommended the Rubus Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with filet mignon, hot dogs or hamburgers for your July 4th picnic. For those of you who want something cooler, yet still dry and easy to pair with many summer foods; I recommend the Chateau Lamothe 2013 Bordeaux Rose.

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