Let's Pretend We're at the Beach

I know it is January.  I know it’s really Freakin’ cold outside.  And further more I know it’s a bit nuts to be talking about Sauvignon Blanc which I normally don’t even begin to think about before May, but… we all are a little bit nuts. Look where we chose to live for God’s sake.  So instead of just embracing heavy warm clothes and heavy red wines, let’s delve into a world where snow is gone, breezes are warm and balmy and instead of frozen over ice- gray lakes we see turquoise surf churning up from an ocean far, far away.  Sound good? Alright then.  All you have to do is rent a couple of movies and buy a bottle or two of wine.  

For wine, I recommend the 13 Celsius 2013 Sauvignon Blanc which just arrived at our store and is a tasty example of Marlborough, New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc.  Aromas of Grapefruit, fresh herbs-possibly dill and even a touch of asparagus greet the nose and the follow up taste continues with stronger citrus flavors and stone fruit with a hint of pepper in the finish.  Bright and crisp, refreshingly light weight, this wine is perfect to put you into a sandy beach frame of mind.

Speaking of sandy beaches, I also recommend viewing movies where beaches play a central role.  There are several of these type of films that range from epic to tearjerker to absurd.  One thing they have in common is the beach and a way of letting you escape without paying for airfare and lodging.

I picked three of my favorite beach movies based on how enduring they are and how well they transform me from frigid Western New York to beach paradise.

1. The Descendents is the most recent of these films and although the film can be hilarious at times, it is also brutally tragic.  It’s a great story and well acted but it has some of the best scenes of warm weather paradise ( in this case Hawaii ) you will ever see.  It also has George Clooney.

2.  When I about seven or eight, I saw a documentary film called The Endless Summer.  This movie was about young surfers travelling the world in search of the big wave.  This was the real deal that overshadowed such Hollywood cheese- fests ( which I admittedly enjoy ) like Gidget and Ride the Wild Surf or the Beach Party flicks.

3.  Dr. No is still one of the all time greatest James Bond films ever made and it contains a healthy dose of sun, surf and beautiful blue skies thanks to the Jamaica locations.  And it also has Ursula Andress walking out of the surf in a Bikini with conch shells.  For further information, ask your parents who she was.

So turn up the heat, turn on a movie, open the 13 Celsius and serve with some shrimp kabobs with Pineapple- Mango salsa, of course.