With the temperature dipping back into the teens and possibly single digits, you might want to think about a hearty wine to keep the blood flowing for the next few days or so. The 2011 Baus Family Zinfandel is just the ticket.

Full bodied, velvety smooth with substantial yet soft tannins, this is a well balanced wine. On the nose and palate there is plenty of blackberry jam, plum, sour cherry, with further notes of black pepper, baking spices and a bit of chocolate. With the AFC rivalry between the Broncos and Patriots on Sunday, this Zin will play into a variety of dishes from Taco dip, extra spicy Chili, BBQ ribs, and one of my personal favorites, Penne pasta with hot Italian sausage. Whether you like Manning or what’s his name, the clear winner will be the Baus Family Reserve Zinfandel.