Apple Season

Next Thursday marks the beginning of fall. Summer temperatures aside, there are definite earmarks that the season is upon us. Out in the hills, leaves are slowly beginning to turn and shadows are gaining length as the sun departs earlier in the evenings. Pumpkins are appearing on roadsides and apples are more prevalent at the grocer’s. Apples and autumn are inseparable. Crisp bites of Cortland and Macintosh apples, fresh, sweet cider and spice laden apple pies are all strong associations with fall.

Beak & Skiff

In the wine and spirit world this can mean hard ciders, wines, even distilled brandy, vodka, and gin.  In fact the Beak & Skiff Orchards in Lafayette, NY is Mecca for all things apple. Since 1911 they have been growing a variety of choice apples and producing cider.  Lately, they have been turning out an array of hard ciders, apple wines and distilled spirits.  They even have a Café featuring apple cider BBQ wings!

If you are an apple lover and enjoy cider, you should try any of the various wines and hard ciders Beak & Skiff offer. Their offerings range from very dry to sweet so there is something for just about everyone.  I found the Honey Crisp Apple wine to be particularly good. This is a sweet but slightly light bodied wine with firm acidity and full of the crispness you would associate with biting into the name sake apple. There are notes of pear, quince and nectarine.  Pair with sharp cheddar cheese, dried fruit and assorted nuts. This wine would go very well with a caramel bread pudding.

We have several Beak & Skiff products at our location, so stop in and pick up a bottle or two.  If you are travelling in the central New York area this fall, stop in at Beak & Skiff  Orchards and enjoy a perfect autumn experience.