There is a world of perfectly suitable wines to pair with your favorite Easter meal.   The variety of foods people consume over the holiday weekend should make this a fun process and not stressful.  Yet there still seems to be considerable hand wringing when it comes to choosing wine for Easter.

In our neck of the woods, Ham is still the major player and has led to record sales of Riesling in past years.  I have no issue with that. After all, Riesling is very good with Ham.  But so is Sparkling Rose, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Rose, Gewurztraminer, etc.  It would actually be easy to write about several of these wines but I decided to focus on one particular wine that may not have been considered, and that is Beaujolais.  Yes, I know it is Easter and not Thanksgiving, but the wine I’m discussing is more complex and durable than the November Youngster known as Beaujolais Nouveau.

The 2013 Dom Sangouard Beaujolais is actually a perfect wine for your Easter Ham.  It is a young wine with plenty of focused dark, red fruit notes like raspberry, strawberry, and even black cherry as well as earthy – mushroom notes.  The wine has a considerable amount of acidity and a pleasing tartness. The tannins are subtle and the finish is surprisingly satisfying for a light to medium bodied wine.

Although I mentioned this wine as a great pairing for Ham, it will certainly be delicious with Lamb or other traditional and non-traditional Easter fare.

Stop in this week and pick up a couple of bottles of Dom Sangouard Beaujolais for the special price of $9.99 a bottle.