In Portugal there is a traditional folk music referred to as Fado, which is known for its mournful and melancholy sound (Fado means destiny or fate). The wine on the other hand could not be more different.

The 2013 Fado White blend from Portugal is all about brightness and sunshine.  Made from a blend of Siria, Arinto and Viognier, Fado is straw with a hint of gold color.  The aroma is fruity, floral with a hint of herb garden.  Flavors leading off with peach blend with citrus and tropical fruit; combine with ample minerality to create a somewhat complex but not over complicated wine.  

This wine is meant to drink young to maximize the fresh and zesty taste.  It pairs well with seafood, pork and chicken. It also makes a very refreshing Aperitif.

Right now you can pick up Fado White for an average cost of $5.50 a bottle during our Double up for a Buck Sale.  Stop in and taste this and a few other new wines this weekend.