A few weeks back, I tried a delicious Medoc that impressed me a great deal. The wine was beautifully balanced at a terrific price. It is rare that a Bordeaux of that quality comes in under twenty dollars.

This week I was pleasantly surprised once again by another terrific Bordeaux for $14.99. This one is a Graves that is a fifty-fifty blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a delicate nose but don’t let that fool you. This red has wonderful fruit. It has very concentrated black currant, blackberry and plum flavors. Underneath, there is a bit of licorice and a touch of vanilla and spice. The finish is smooth with soft tannins.

Often the word velvety is over used to describe the mouth feel of fine wines, but in this case, I believe the descriptor is quite accurate. Give this wine sufficient time to breathe in order to get the full effect of the fruit.
This wine will pair very easily with many assorted meat dishes including beef, pork, or turkey and chicken. This is also an excellent cheese wine, particularly with a variety of Italian hard cheeses, gouda and especially blue cheeses.