Even before you taste this wine, or open the bottle for that matter, you will be intrigued by the nostalgic label reminiscent of an illustration from a boy’s adventure novel from the 1930’s. The label and even the name, hints at a mysterious cellar, possibly in a desert region. But make no mistake; there is nothing old or dusty about this wine. It is vibrant and complex with a satisfying finish.

The Curator is made by the Badenhorst Family Wines of the Swartland region of South Africa known for their Secateurs label. This red blend is made up of shiraz, mourvedre, cinsault, and viognier. On the nose there is a good deal of spice including cinnamon, clove, anise and black pepper. There is also a fair amount of smoke within the dark fruit overtones. The blend tastes of currants, blueberries, blackberries and a smidgen of strawberry, sort of like a dry, mixed berry pie.
Due to the exotic blend of grapes in this wine, it will pair well with many dishes including lamb stew, sweet BBQ ribs or chicken. My favorite is BBQ chicken pizza with hot peppers. Enjoy The Curator for the ridiculous price of $8.99 a bottle.