We have been singing the praises of French and Spanish value wines over the last few months and rightly so, but we should not ignore the underrated and low-priced Portuguese wines.

Some attention has been paid to the Portuguese white Vinho Verde because it is such a refreshing wine during the hot summer months. But the reds also deserve attention. In fact, considering some of the price tags, it would be downright sinful to ignore.

Case in point is the Vista Touriga Nacional 2010. Produced in central Portugal in the Beiras region this from the Touriga Nacional grape varietal, this wine is matured in oak barrels for a year before bottling.

This wine has a hue somewhere between ruby red and purple that emphasizes its full bodied richness. Black Cherry, dark plum and traces of blackberry proves this wine does not shy away from fruit, yet well balanced tannins and a hint of vanilla with a sweet chocolate finish confirm a complex not muddied wine.

Try the Vista Touriga Nacional with spicy grilled sausage and roasted peppers on a hoagie roll.