If you’re looking for a wine to make your dry red drinkers happy over this holiday weekend, I suggest you try the Clerget Cotes Du Rhone for the astounding price of $6.99. This is a lighter bodied CDR but it is not too thin. The blend is the classic Grenache-Syrah combination. This wine has a good amount of sour cherry and plum notes with a bit of pepper and spice in a smooth, long finish.
This may not be your first choice for Easter dinner if Ham is the main course, but it can work if you have guests who are dyed in the wool dry red drinkers. It will certainly work with roast leg of lamb, pork loin or Prime Rib. It will even go well with smoked kielbasa with horseradish. In other words this wine is quite versatile, and if you eat chocolate bunnies, peeps and jelly beans with the Clerget, more power to you!