This wine has an ominous name because frankly, when I think of the name “Pennywise” I think of that really creepy clown in Stephen King’s IT. You know the one – (“They ALL float down here!”). Yep, THAT one. But this wine is far from being scary or clownish for that matter.
The Pennywise 2011 Petit Sirah is a pleasant wine that is a bit softer than most Petit Sirahs. One of the first things you notice when you pour a glass is the intense, inky color. But don’t be mislead by the dark purple hue. This is not an over powering fruit bomb, nor a bite you back tannic monster. There is a small amount of Merlot in the blend to calm things down a bit. The tannins are soft, yet the fruit is bold with blackberry, plum and sweet cherry notes. There is a whiff of powdered chocolate and a hint of cinnamon.
This wine will pair with well with a good number of dishes from Lamb to Lasagna. I had it with Liverwurst on rye bread, but it Is also very good by itself.
Bring home a bottle today for $9.99. No clowning around.