Yes, it is time to break away from the French wines temporarily with this gem from Argentina. In case you’ve never tried this wine or heard of for that matter, Torrontes is the major white grape of South America. If you like Sauvignon Blancs or if you’re looking for a refreshing and more complex alternative to Pinot Grigio, seek out Tilia Torrontes. At $ 8.99 a bottle, this could be a summer staple. The aroma is floral. Some have found jasmine, others magnolia. I can only say with certainty it is floral. Strong citrus notes were repeated on the palate along with pear and fig. See what I mean about complex?

Torrontes pairs wonderfully with fish and chicken dishes. Try shrimp kabobs with lime or baked haddock.

It is going to be very hot this weekend, so whether you’re going on a picnic, off to the beach or simply trying to keep cool in the A/C, try a bottle of Tilia Torrontes.