“If you hear him howlin’ around your kitchen door, you better not let him in. A Little old lady got mutilated late last night… werewolves of London again.” -Warren Zevon Werewolves of London

It’s October and that means Halloween is coming. To honor one of my favorite holidays, I will be discussing an appropriately themed value wine each weekend. This weekend I am offering up Werewolf Merlot.

I must be honest; this is not the best of my offerings, but it is so kitschy, I couldn’t resist. Werewolf Merlot is actually produced in Transylvania, Romania. That’s right, in the Carpathian Mountains where garlic and silver could be your best friends. On the nose Werewolf is full of dark fruit, including plums and has a whiff of green pepper. The full body, strong unsweetened cherry and faint pepper notes make this a wine to drink casually or with a hearty fall stew.

Actually, in keeping with the theme, this wine would pair quite well with Hungarian Goulash (or should I say GHOULash ) where it would compliment the paprika.

Right now you can pick up Werewolf Merlot for $6.99 a bottle. Stop in and check out our other Halloween treats.