Fan the flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship, and pass the rosy wine.” -Charles Dickens

 This is obviously not one of my conventional blogs because I am getting ready for the Rose class we are having at Premier on Wednesday July 22nd at 7:00pm.  I just want to remind readers that if they want to know more about Rose wine and why it is becoming more popular, this class is a good place to start.  We will taste five different Roses from different countries and regions and from different grapes as well. There will also a discussion of how Roses are made and the history behind them. There is still time to sign up by going to our website at

In a recent article on wine personalities, in The Huffington Post , French Wines with Style spokesman Gerard Basset said that "red wine drinkers appear to be the more relaxed of wine fans. White wine drinkers love the status quo. Whilst rosé fans are itching for change."

There you have it.  Wanted: Wine drinkers looking for the unfamiliar, come to Premier Wine and Spirits in Orchard Park next Wednesday.