La Cana 2014 Albarino: A Wine to Drink in May When it Feels like July

With temperatures climbing into the mid-eighties and humidity on the rise, this holiday weekend   practically guarantees you’ll be peeling your shirt from your back as you exit the car. Generally, as a wine drinker, you’d be reaching for a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or even a Vinho Verde but you are having a small gathering of friends instead of a large party and you need something a bit more elegant.

Outdoor Table

The La Cana Albarino is the way to go. From steep hillside vineyards in the Rias Baixas region of Spain comes a perfect wine for warm weather sipping.  Aged in stainless steel tanks and with a glistening yellow color, this wine exemplifies all that is great about a well made white wine. It has flavor notes of peach, green apple and pineapple with a touch of key lime with ginger spice. It begins very floral and fruit forward then finishes crisp with a firm mineral presence. The La Cana 2014 Albarino is a perfect choice for seafood.  It’s a stellar companion for chilled shrimp, lightly seasoned with a squeeze of lemon.

The La Cana Albarino will undoubtedly please you and your guests, and your get together will be a complete success.

Please enjoy a safe and meaningful Memorial Day weekend.