This past Monday, I sat on the screened in porch for the first time in several months – like 7 or so, and felt alive and nostalgic at the same time.  The breeze was very strong but warm and pleasant, nothing like the bitter winds we‘d been experiencing for so long.  I finally felt it. What I had been waiting for.  It’s porch sitting time again.  And what comes with porch sitting is porch sipping.

In the next few months several warm weather wines will be discussed, but I think it only appropriate to start with a ‘Rite of Spring’ choice: Rose.  Rose’s are a perfect wine for porch sipping because they have a Spring like quality to them – pink, refreshing, cool and often have citrus as well as red berry notes.  Laurant Miquel Rose 2014 is a French Rose from the Languadoc region.

The color is peachy – pink (poetically, a sunset perhaps) and the nose has notes of raspberry, wild flowers and faint pear.  The taste will remind you of Sweet tart candy, strawberry, sour cherry, and pink grapefruit.  This wine pairs very well a variety of foods like watermelon, strawberry and feta cheese salad or crab cake with cayenne pepper aioli.  I recently had it with a feta cheese and roasted pepper dip with crusty a baguette.  Stunning….

The Natural is my favorite sport’s related film of all time, probably because it goes far beyond the usual clichés about whether or not the team wins or loses in the end.  This film has many great elements including drama, mystery, mythology, romance, and of course some spectacular baseball scenes.  It is a perfect spring film that also has a slew of Western New York film locations.  From the old “Rock Pile”, Parkside Candies, the Guaranty Building, to the beautiful pastoral scenes shot in South Dayton and Stafford, New York; this movie has a special place in my heart.  It’s also fascinating to see how things have changed since the film was made in 1984.

After the sun goes down, when there is a bit of a chill out on the porch and it is time to come inside;   finish off that bottle of Rose you started earlier as you watch a true spring time classic.