April is here and we know what that means some more lousy weather for awhile. Wet snow, rain and wind will linger for a bit longer, testing our patience, but then things will change for the better. Flowers will bloom, the grass will turn brilliant green once again and the chilling winds will reduce to balmy, warm breezes. It will be porch sitting time. Western New Yorkers love it. Whether we’re sitting on a grand Victorian veranda, a wide rustic deck, or even a concrete stoop we love relaxing outside.  We chat with neighbors and watch the world go by.  And of course we love our porch “sipping” as much as our porch “sitting”.  That means it will be time to open up the refreshing white wines we often forget during the winter months.

Spring will arrive eventually and when it does, you will be very appreciative of this mesmerizing white.  The Marramiero 2015 Sessanta Passi is not a run of the mill Pinot Grigio or same old, same old Sauvignon Blanc this is a $10.00 beauty of a Pecorino. With its honeysuckle, wildflower and peach fragrance, the Sessanta Passi will get you ready for porch sipping. When you pour this wine, you’ll notice light effervescence similar to Vinho Verdi but with stronger peach notes.  Although it has a strong fruit presence, this Pecorino is perfectly dry.  Delightful as an aperitif, you will also find a wide range of seafood, light chicken dishes and fresh green salads that will pair nicely with this charming white.