Southtowns Takeout and Wine Pairings

One of my favorite restaurants in Hamburg is located in an unassuming house on Evans Street.  It’s called Cozy Thai  and it offers a delightful respite from the usual Western fare. The menu is large and versatile enough to intrigue carnivores, seafood lovers and vegetarians alike. Several enticing dishes with ingredients ranging from shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, eggplant, peanut sauce, basil leaves, bell peppers, bamboo, coconut, rice and hot pepper sauce make this a top of the list culinary adventure.

One of my favorite dishes is the Red curry which can be made with various choices, (I prefer chicken) has mixture of shallots, chili and spices, in a slightly sweet coconut sauce. Many including myself would normally pair this with a semi-dry Riesling or a Gewürztraminer, but I discovered another path to take with this dish of complex flavors. This is a dish made for Fado Rose. This Rose from Portugal is dry, yet fruity and when chilled will help tone down the heat. The Fado has a floral fragrance and tasting notes of raspberry and strawberry. The chili, red bell pepper and coconut play very well together.

Cozy Thai is a wonderful place to have a comfortable dining experience and they have an extensive take-out menu as well.  Don’t forget dessert. My favorite is custard with sticky rice topped with fresh mango.