Southtowns Takeout and Wine

Okay, I admit it. When I go to Hoaks out on the lake, I usually order a simple lager or pilsner beer with my fish fry (still my favorite since childhood) because it is such a classic match. But (duh) I do like my  wine and I was pondering what would I pair with a fish fry take-out at home? Well if bubbles in beer work so well with fried fish, why not sparkling wine? I’m not talking high end French Champagne here, just something lively and not too sweet that can stand up to the rich batter, but compliment the light and delicate fish inside. One must also consider the potato salad and coleslaw as well. There are also rich mayonnaise laden sides to be considered.

The solution is Ca’ Furlan Prosecco, a somewhat soft extra dry wine from Italy.  This wine is medium bodied, dry with bright fruit flavors of peach, apple, pear and slight lemon zest with a hint of sweetness. It is also a bargain at $9.99 a bottle, so it won’t hurt your beer budget. Delightful with a fish fry and can cut through the mayo in the potato salads and cole slaw.

Hoaks has been a Western New York favorite for several generations and being situated on the Lake Erie shoreline it also offers beautiful sunsets.  They are old school in a great way. They have an old style bar often sprinkled with regulars and a warm, wood infused dining room with large windows for the classic view. Aside from fish frys, they offer a wide range of homemade comfort foods and other seafood dishes. Check out their menu on line at