Southtowns Takeout and Wine Pairings

Ponder this: Only in America could you munch on Ethiopian spiced chicken wings from a Ethiopian restaurant that is run by a couple from the small village of East Aurora , while drinking a Shiraz-Viognier from Australia with a French producer and Napa, California winemaker.

Michel Chapoutier is responsible for some excellent French wines that often include Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre and Cinsault.  Here, we have a classic Australian Shiraz with some Viognier for a bit of floral aroma.  This is a rich tasting wine with an abundance of deep plum and tart cherry fruit, amped up by allspice and apple-wood smoke. The color is dark and velvety while the body is full and smooth. It’s terrific with complex spicy foods which brings us to Theas. This is the third restaurant created by John and Laurie who previously ran Tantalus (presently Medici House).

While Tantalus was quite eclectic with an emphasis on Mediterranean fare, Medici House focused on more Italian cuisine. Theas [email protected] focuses on Ethiopian food and is their boldest venture yet. There is a wide range of exotic and delicious dishes for carnivores and vegetarians alike. If you want a wide range of Ethiopian specialties, order the tasting platter, rich with stewed meats vegetables with potent spices. But for a great take out experience think wings. These wings are like nothing I’ve had before. Aside from being big, meaty and crisp, these wings are rubbed with some of the most delectable spices on the planet!  Generally, I often pair spicy food such as Indian or Thai curries with semi-sweet white wines like Vouvrays, Gewurztraminers or Rieslings, but in this case I wanted to experiment with a red wine. The reason these wings worked so well was the spicy notes from the wine worked hand in hand with the wing spices (cardamom, cumin, allspice, some pepper?) without fighting for supremacy.

If you haven’t tried Ethiopian food yet, this is a great opportunity to try Theas and pick up some outstanding wings

Here’s a shout out to John, Laurie, Dana, Anthony and the rest of the fine folks at Theas and Medici House.  Thanks for making our little corner of the world shine.