We are headed for another record breaking month of high temperatures before August is out.  Refreshing is still key when it comes to drinking wine right now.  Therefore, what better place to go than the Calabria (toe of Italy) region where they know what hot is to find a cool, crisp, white wine.

The Statti Lamezia 2015 Greco Bianco is a perfect choice for those who have enjoyed Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigios, and other light crisp wines over the last couple of months. It shares similar traits and more with these other wines. The picturesque town of Lamezia Terme is where this lovely wine is produced and brings together the lovely world of sea and sun.

Lamezia Terme

Bright straw yellow with the fragrance of wildflowers and fresh melon make it virtually impossible not to want to gulp his wine, but give it a sip first.  You will experience fresh, clean flavors of light plum and melon with a balanced mineral finish. Produced in stainless steel, this wine is all about bright and crisp notes with ample acidity.

Statti Lamezia 2015 Greco Bianco  will pair well with seafood, light cheeses, soups, salads and summer vegetables. Try it with herbed chicken tossed with black olives and penne pasta with a light feta cheese cream sauce.  Or you could try a traditional dish from Calabria known as Lo Stocco di Mammola, a cod fish salad with parsley and extra virgin olive oil.