Thanksgiving Wine and Film Pairings

Here is my list of some favorite wines for Thanksgiving. Some of these are typical choices, while others may seem out in left field. All are interesting and worth your time. With a couple of exceptions, these wines will fall under $15.00 a bottle.


  1. Les Lys 2014 Vouvray - There are apricot, almond and slight honey notes complemented by a fair amount of acidity, yet this wine still is very creamy and has a round finish. It will be a crowd pleaser at Thanksgiving.
  2. Dom Lafage 2014 Centenaire Cotes du Roussane - A light straw colored blend of Grenache Blanc and Roussane, this wine is crisp and has peach and green apple notes with good minerality.
  3. Ressia 2014 Evien Bianco - This wine is very aromatic with intense flavors of peach, apricot, orange blossom, lychee (somewhat reminiscent of a Vouvray) and a hint of anise in the finish.
  4. Willm 2013 Gewurtztraminer - a bit creamy and juicy, with smoke, apple, melon, lime, and ginger flavors.

  5. Jayden 2014 Chardonnay - Medium bodied; good acidity with crisp apple, tropical fruit and citrus notes, complemented by nutmeg, vanilla and light butter notes. The finish is creamy and satisfying.


  1. Antiche Terre 2012 Amarone - “A bright, crimson-fruited Amarone with Christmas spices and evergreen forest floor hints. “ ( Says my man, Dan)
  2. Gran Passione 2013 Veneto Rosso - There are strong flavors of dark cherry, black currant, prune, raisin and dark chocolate with a smidgen of sweetness. This wine lingers beautifully for quite a while.
  3. Baus Family 2013 Zinfandel -On the nose and palate there is plenty of blackberry jam, plum and sour cherry, with further notes of black pepper, baking spices and a bit of chocolate.
  4. Wine Press 2013 Pinot Noir - The nose is a bit earthy and has a strong raspberry and cranberry fruit aroma along with a pleasant whiff of clove. The spice continues on the palate along with tart cherry, pomegranate, cranberry and a bit of cola.
  5. George Duboeuf 2015 Beaujelais Nouveau - A very satisfying year with a classic, plumy color and rich dark berry flavors with a nice, smooth finish.

Viewing the film Nobody’s Fool (1994) has become a Thanksgiving Day tradition in our house in the last few years, partially because the story begins with Thanksgiving and finishes up with New Years, and partially because the main character has much to be thankful for after life takes him on a bumpy journey. This movie features two terrific performances by Paul Newman and Jessica Tandy. It was adapted from Richard Russo’s wonderful novel about small town change in the Mohawk Valley region of New York.