This July Fourth I recommend The Wine Press 2010 Pinot Noir.  This Sonoma County style Pinot is very well balanced and has a distinct cherry juice color. It is medium bodied and dry with slight tannins. The nose is a bit earthy and has a strong raspberry and cranberry fruit aroma along with a pleasant whiff of clove.  The spice continues on the palate along with tart cherry, pomegranate, cranberry and a bit of cola. Enjoy this Pinot Noir with grilled Salmon, or marinated chicken kabobs.

The Wine Press Pinot Noir is a steal at $9.99 a bottle

It has been a difficult year for our country. Considering the violence that has occurred both on foreign and domestic soil, more than ever we need to celebrate the Fourth of July in whatever way we see fit. While the debate goes on over the significance of the Confederate flag flying over government buildings in South Carolina so soon after a horrific act of domestic terrorism, there is one clear reminder in the form of a great film of why that flag must be taken down.  The film is Glory and it is an example of the horrific nature of the Civil War, but it is also a significant chapter in our history where many African Americans lost their lives in the name of freedom.

Lead by a great cast including Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Andre Braugher and Matthew Broderick, Glory tells the real life story of the first all African American regiment that fought against a much larger force of Confederate soldiers at the battle of Fort Wagner. The results were both tragic and heroic. Nearly half of that regiment died in that failed siege but the 52nd regiment paved the way for future African American regiments.

Take time and watch this film or watch it again if you haven’t seen it in awhile, it will put things in perspective.

I hope you all have a happy, memorable, and safe Fourth of July.