Vivanco 2015 White Rioja  -  Another Delicious Break from Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio

The first thing you will notice when you spot the Vivanco White Rioja is the unusual shaped bottle. Slightly squatty with a wider lip on the neck, the bottle has a distinct historical look which is not surprising since it was inspired from an original eighteenth-century bottle from the Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine. The next thing you will notice is the type and region; a white wine from Rioja with Tempranillo in it.  Intrigued?  Good!

Made from 50 % Viura, 35% Tempranillo Blanco, and 15% Maturana Blanca, this Spanish white is a delicious wine from Rioja.  The Viura grape is the main white grape grown in Rioja and the Tempranillo Blanco is a genetic mutation from the red Tempranillo vine. The Maturana Blanca is possibly the oldest grape variety in Rioja. Aside from this noble history, these grapes come together to create a delicious alternative to the usual warm weather suspects.


The third thing you will notice is what you’ll find once you open up the bottle.  The wine is a bit like Summer itself with pale straw and green hues with a distinct brightness that compels you to drink it immediately, but hold off until you take a large whiff. You will experience rich and powerful aromas of lime, lemon, green apple and peach with faint hints of wildflowers. This wine is done entirely in stainless steel and results in a very fresh, fruit forward, crisp taste.  This gem is a good choice to have with all types of warm weather salads, cold chicken, fish and shellfish.