The name Wilson can conjure up several images from athletic equipment, the rock sisters of Heart, the acting brothers Luke and Owen, or a president of the USA.  For me, the name means two significant things; a terrific wine from California and an outstanding Jazz and Pop standards singer, Nancy Wilson.

Granted, the relationship between the singer and the wine is a personal one, I believe the reader will find great pleasure from listening to Ms. Wilson and sipping the Zinfandel.

The Wilson 2013 Sonoma Zinfandel is a beautifully balanced.  Deep purple color and full bodied with a hefty 14.5% alcohol content, this charmer has plenty of plum, blackberry, licorice and black pepper notes. This baby is ready to tame a bleu cheese burger with caramelized onions. For under $20.00 a bottle, this wine really delivers.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson has been heralded as an R&B singer, a pop singer and a Blues singer.  But what she truly is …is a Jazz singing icon.  She is in the same royal league as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sarah Vaughn just to name a few.  Several years ago, I remember seeing Nancy Wilson at Kleinhans Music Hall fulfilling a birthday request from my younger daughter who was a big fan. Needless to say she was mesmerized by the perfect vocalization and glamorous style that is uniquely Nancy Wilson.

Nancy is still with us, but may be difficult to hear live, so do the next best thing: use whatever technology you need and listen to “You’d be so nice to come home to” while sipping a glass of Wilson Zinfandel.