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  1. Bodega Calle Reserva Syrah 2013: A Wonderful Wine and a Classic Dad

    Sunday is Father’s Day and with it usually comes warm weather resulting in several cookouts and picnics.  A considerable amount of beer and cheap wine will be consumed along with several burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chickens and ribs.  That’s okay, but why not have a better quality wine for dear old Dad? How about something delicious, versatile and memorable as well?

    The Bodega Calle- Reserva Syrah 2013 is a perfect choice for this weekend.  Fermented in concrete tanks and aged for12 months in oak, this organic Syrah is bright purple with enticing aromas of blackberries, tart cherries, smoky bacon and vanilla. On the palate dark fruit continues along with a distinct dark, bitter chocolate and anise spice. The finish is round and full. Although it may be technically a “New World” style, this is definitely more like a Rhone style Syrah than a jammy Australian Shiraz. This wine will pair nicely with nearly anything you put on the grill. 

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  2. Alhambra Reserva 2012: A Beauty of a Blend

    Recently we acquired the 2012 Alhambra Reserva. Having been a long time fan and advocate of the Alhambra Malbec, I was very eager to taste this new wine. I found it to not only live up to the high points I gave the Malbec, I believe it may have surpassed it.

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  3. Great Value Wines: Jelu 2010 Malbec

    The snow has stopped…. for now, and while we are itching for Spring, cool weather still prevails and reds are still high in demand. Stews are still being consumed with other meaty comfort foods like meatloaf and chili. There are many reds that pair well with these dishes. However, I personally love a strong, fruit driven spicy Malbec.
    The 2010 Jelu Malbec is a very dark purple, nearly black wine with a deep plum aroma and spice with plum and chocolate flavors with more spice on the palate. It will be difficult to have just one glass so if you are sharing, I advise you to buy at least two bottles at the terrific bargain price of $8.99 a bottle. Try this wine with nachos and salsa. Delicious.
    Note: Due to the fact that many of the wines I have tasted lately and wish to share with you are slightly over the $10.00 mark that I originally intended for this blog, I have changed the name to Great Value Wines. This will give me more flexibility when choosing great wines that may

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  4. Great Wines for Under $10: Tilia Torrontes 2011

    Yes, it is time to break away from the French wines temporarily with this gem from Argentina. In case you’ve never tried this wine or heard of for that matter, Torrontes is the major white grape of South America. If you like Sauvignon Blancs or if you’re looking for a refreshing and more complex alternative to Pinot Grigio, seek out Tilia Torrontes. At $ 8.99 a bottle, this could be a summer staple. The aroma is floral. Some have found jasmine, others magnolia. I can only say with certainty it is floral. Strong citrus notes were repeated on the palate along with pear and fig. See what I mean about complex?

    Torrontes pairs wonderfully with fish and chicken dishes. Try shrimp kabobs with lime or baked haddock.

    It is going to be very hot this weekend, so whether you’re going on a picnic, off to the beach or simply trying to keep cool in the A/C, try a bottle of Tilia Torrontes.

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