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  1. Les Argelieres Chardonnay and Pinot Noir - Double Up Halloween Treats

    This Sunday is the last day for our Double Up for a Buck.  So now is the time to stock up for your Halloween party.  New to our sale are two very well made French wines: Les Argelieres Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Both of these wines will run you $8.00 per bottle with our sale which is a great deal for good French wine.

    The Chardonnay is well balanced with notes of apple, pear, a hint of pineapple and creamy vanilla pudding.  There is just enough oak to give it heft for enjoying with cream laden dishes such as corn and potato chowder.  The Pinot Noir is a bit heavier and darker than many of the traditional French Burgundies, but make no mistake, this is not a jammy fruit bomb either. This Pinot has very good balance with plenty of lively raspberry, cherry fruit with slight birch beer and wet earth notes.  Try this with sweet and spicy Sloppy Joes for a solid Halloween pairing.

    Get here soon to take advantage of this sale because it ends on Sunday.

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  2. Perseverance Old Vine Zinfandel 2013: Double up Zinfandel for a Chilly, Wet Weekend

    Double Up for a Buck

    In a couple of days the weather is going to turn wet and cold. Sad to say after a day like Thursday which reached the high seventies, we must endure another meteorologically challenged weekend. Unfortunately for us wine lovers, the words cool and refreshing may not be what you are considering when drinking wine this weekend.  You might want to forgo the crisp whites or thirst quenching Roses for something a bit more bold and substantial.  How about an old vine Zinfandel that could warm you up a bit?

    The 2013 Perseverance Old Vine Zinfandel is a slightly lighter bodied Zinfandel that still retains the deep, rich purple color of the classic California wine.  Dark plum and cherry fruit and spice with a mocha finish help deliver a perfect wine for this weekend.  So whether you are cooking sausages, burgers, or hot dogs on the grill (and possibly dodging raindrops) or enjoying burritos inside while binge watching your favorite show, this wine is going to satisfy. 

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  3. La Mouliniere and Cote Mas Roses: To Mom from France with Love

    Some may think it is stereotypical to pick a Rose for a blog entry for Mother’s Day.  I beg to differ. The Roses that I’m writing about may be a variation of a shade of pink, but that does not mean these wines are syrupy and one dimensional. Guys, if you are listening. Not all women like Pink Moscato or White Zinfandel anymore than all men like Budweiser or Jack Daniels. These Roses are dry (often like Moms’sense of humor) but refreshing and full of flavor.

    Our May Double Up for a Buck event just began and we have two new Roses on the sale

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  4. Bargain Beauties from France: Chateau Vermont Bordeaux Rogue 2012

    Bargain Beauties from France

    The lure of French value wines continues with a red Bordeaux because …well, how can it not?  How can a bargain hunting wine drinker turn down a Fall deal like this, especially a French wine with Vermont in the title?

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  5. Este Vinho Verdi 2014: A Lawn Party Favorite on a Budget

    You’re having a casual lawn party this weekend and several of your guests will be expecting a fairly dry, easy drinking white.  You could opt for the usual suspects – Pinot Grigio, un-oaked Chardonnay, dry Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc but predictability and cost may be an issue. Therefore, go green (green as in Verdi, that is). 

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  6. Perseverance Chardonnay 2013: An Easy Drinking White for October

    The third offering from Perseverance (the Zinfandel and Cabernet being one and two) is their 2013 Chardonnay.  If you are looking for an inexpensive, but not formula tasting Chardonnay, you should consider this one. This wine has plenty of rich and ripe fruit notes, including pear, mango and peach. 

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  7. Perseverance Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: Keeping it Simple

    Recently we began carrying Perseverance Cabernet Sauvignon and their Chardonnay.  We have carried the Zinfandel for a couple of years and the name appears to be justified.  This wine makes no pretense in either how it is made or how it should be received.  

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  8. Rib Shack Red 2013 Blend - Giddy up! It’s Barbecue Season.

    Not only is it Barbeque season, but hot damn! We have the perfect wine. The Rib Shack Red   2013 Blend   from South Africa screams for sizzling meat on the grill, particularly with a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce.

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  9. Fado White 2013 A Fun, Late Spring Refresher


    In Portugal there is a traditional folk music referred to as Fado, which is known for its mournful and melancholy sound (Fado means destiny or fate). The wine on the other hand could not be more different.

    The 2013 Fado White blend from Portugal is all about brightness and sunshine.  Made from a blend of Siria, Arinto and Viognier, Fado is straw with a hint of gold color.  The aroma is fruity, floral with a hint of herb garden.  Flavors leading off with peach blend with citrus and tropical fruit; combine with ample minerality to create a somewhat complex but not over complicated wine.  

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  10. Great Value Wines: Ch de Mendis Bordeaux Rouge

    Your spouse called and said your in-laws are coming for a casual dinner and you need to bring home a bottle or two of wine. It seems simple enough, except the mother-in-law likes sophisticated wines that are usually French and the old man tends to like easy drinking reds on the dry side. So what do you do now?

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