So you want to grill this weekend, possibly even barbecue some chicken. Well, you might be a little nuts considering how hot it is but, hey, this is what we do on weekends in the good ole summertime. You might think I’m a bit nuts myself considering the wine I’m going to suggest. But that’s okay, because this wine comes from La Mancha where one of the most famous nuts in literature came from: Don Quixote.

The Finca del Castillo Tempranillo is a dry Spanish Red that is medium bodied with substantial red berry fruit. Because it is fruit forward without the influence of oak, this wine is a great match for a spicy barbecued chicken. Another great benefit of this wine is it can be served slightly chilled on a sultry day without compromising the fruity-spicy flavor.

Right now, you can pick this Spanish treasure up for $5.99.

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