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  1. Statti Lamezia 2015 Greco Bianco - Still Hot...Still Summer...Still Cool, Crisp Whites

    We are headed for another record breaking month of high temperatures before August is out.  Refreshing is still key when it comes to drinking wine right now.  Therefore, what better place to go than the Calabria (toe of Italy) region where they know what hot is to find a cool, crisp, white wine.

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  2. Cricklewood 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon: A Washington Cabernet to try before you grill this weekend

    Washington State wines

    This weekend with temperatures climbing towards ninety, we will taste a variety of refreshing whites and roses that will satisfy several customers.  But for those who still want a hearty red to pair with their steak, beef kabobs or burgers on the grill, we will be sampling a new Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State.

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  3. Wine and Films for Thanksgiving (Pt. 2): Austrian Wines and a Nostalgic Film about Family

    Thanksigiving Wine Pairings

    If you go on line looking for wine pairings for Thanksgiving, you’ll either walk away with some great ideas or come away overwhelmed with the diverse choices coming from every direction. I’d like to tell you that I can simplify the process, but frankly, I can’t. In fact I am about to add to it.  But hey, this is a meal about family which as many of us know can get a bit messy, physically as well as emotionally. So relax and embrace the crazy.

    I love Austrian wines and feel they deserve more attention, and three of their major wines are actually great choices for Thanksgiving. These wines have the ability to pair with a variety of dishes served on this special day including turkey, yams, stuffing, and even Brussel sprouts.

    Berger 2013 Zweigelt

    For those who normally have Pinot Noir with their turkey, here’s a good alternative. This combination of Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent is the most popular red

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  4. Football Wine Pairing: Elvio Tintero Rosso NV

    It’s after Labor Day but the heat is intense and grilling out is starting to lose its appeal. Many of us are missing our red wines.  Cheer up! Cooler weather is on the way (Not cold, but normal high 60’s –low 70’s) and football viewing is infiltrating many homes in our area.  With football viewing comes snacks and pizza, and with snacks and pizza comes (no not beer- remember where I work) red wine.

    I have just tasted the Elvio Tintero Rosso, one of the fine offerings from star importer Kermit Lynch.  This bargain priced wine is from the Piedmont region in Italy and is an irresistible blend of 40% Nebbiolo, 40% Barbera, 10% Dolcetto and 10% Cabernet Franc.

    Tintero sources his grapes from different parts of Piedmont and is currently not permitted to display a vintage on table wines of this type.  Not a problem. You won’t care – trust me. This wine is very well balanced, has complexity, fine tannins and subtle acidity

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  5. Santo 2013 Santorini Assyrtiko: Greek White Wine, Bright White Sun, and Dancing on the Beach

    Sometimes it is difficult to go against the temptation to discuss summer wines beyond the traditional whites and even Roses.  But it is important to take a chance, to stretch and hopefully introduce a wine that few have tried in order to not only sell a different wine, but more importantly attempt to expand individual palates for the simple love of it.  I feel the same way about film. 

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  6. Argiolas 12 Costamolino Vermentino - A non-oaked gem from Sardinia

    In the hot days of July, it’s always nice to find a white wine that has a good amount of flavor that isn’t heavy and laden with oak.  One such wine is vermentino.  In general, vermentino is a dry, crisp, and herbal white wine from the Mediterranean Islands of Corsica and Sardinia, as well as the Ligurian-Tuscan coastline of Italy. 

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