The Dollar Sale is on now!

The Dollar Sale at Premier: Double Up for a Buck on over 100 select wines!

The Dollar Sale is on now at Premier! For a limited time and on select wines, when you buy one bottle at regular price, get a second identical bottle for just ONE DOLLAR! DOUBLE UP FOR A BUCK!

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  1. Les Argelieres Chardonnay and Pinot Noir - Double Up Halloween Treats

    This Sunday is the last day for our Double Up for a Buck.  So now is the time to stock up for your Halloween party.  New to our sale are two very well made French wines: Les Argelieres Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Both of these wines will run you $8.00 per bottle with our sale which is a great deal for good French wine.

    The Chardonnay is well balanced with notes of apple, pear, a hint of pineapple and creamy vanilla pudding.  There is just enough oak to give it heft for enjoying with cream laden dishes such as corn and potato chowder.  The Pinot Noir is a bit heavier and darker than many of the traditional French Burgundies, but make no mistake, this is not a jammy fruit bomb either. This Pinot has very good balance with plenty of lively raspberry, cherry fruit with slight birch beer and wet earth notes.  Try this with sweet and spicy Sloppy Joes for a solid Halloween pairing.

    Get here soon to take advantage of this sale because it ends on Sunday.

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  2. Bargain Beauties from France: Cote Mas Rouge Intense and Blanc Mediterranee

    Bargain Beauties from France

    Starting on October 1st we will be having our Fall Double Up for a Buck sale.  Several of your old favorites will be on the sale as well as some new comers, including some lovely wines from France.

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  3. Geyserville Cellars 2012 Old Vine Zinfandel - California Zinfandel and California Culture

    Recently I tried a new California Zinfandel and wondered what film I could tie in with it?  There are loads of great California movies but how could I decide?  Then I considered that three of the major constants in American culture have to be California, cars, and Rock n’ Roll.  Well, one came to mind that had those three major constants and that was American Graffiti. It is a perfect film for California, cars, and Rock n’ Roll.

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  4. 13 Celsius 2013 Sauvignon Blanc: Let's Pretend We're on a Beach

    Let's Pretend We're at the Beach

    I know it is January.  I know it’s really Freakin’ cold outside.  And further more I know it’s a bit nuts to be talking about Sauvignon Blanc which I normally don’t even begin to think about before May, but… we all are a little bit nuts. Look where we chose to live for God’s sake.  So instead of just embracing heavy warm clothes and heavy red wines, let’s delve into a world where snow is gone, breezes are warm and balmy and instead of frozen over ice- gray lakes we see turquoise surf churning up from an ocean far, far away.  Sound good? Alright then.  All you have to do is rent a couple of movies and buy a bottle or two of wine.  

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  5. Perseverance Cabernet Sauvignon 2012: Keeping it Simple

    Recently we began carrying Perseverance Cabernet Sauvignon and their Chardonnay.  We have carried the Zinfandel for a couple of years and the name appears to be justified.  This wine makes no pretense in either how it is made or how it should be received.  

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  6. Domaine La Tuiliere 2009 Cotes du Ventoux A Smooth Rhone Style for Father’s Day

    Domaine La Tuiliere  2009  Cotes du Ventoux  is a simple yet elegant wine to enjoy for Father’s Day.  This classic Rhone style red comes from the southeastern part of France where Mont Ventoux looks over both the Rhone valley and Provence to the south and east.  On the western side is where the vineyards of the Cotes du Ventoux appellation exist.

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  7. Fado White 2013 A Fun, Late Spring Refresher


    In Portugal there is a traditional folk music referred to as Fado, which is known for its mournful and melancholy sound (Fado means destiny or fate). The wine on the other hand could not be more different.

    The 2013 Fado White blend from Portugal is all about brightness and sunshine.  Made from a blend of Siria, Arinto and Viognier, Fado is straw with a hint of gold color.  The aroma is fruity, floral with a hint of herb garden.  Flavors leading off with peach blend with citrus and tropical fruit; combine with ample minerality to create a somewhat complex but not over complicated wine.  

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  8. Fazi Battaglia 2012 Verdicchio - A Fish out of Water

    The weather forecast for the Memorial Day weekend appears to be shaping up, and it looks like a fair amount of chilled white wines will be consumed. One of the classic whites that may not come to mind is Fazi Battaglia Verdichio. If the name isn’t quickly recognizable, the bottle should be. It’s slightly shaped like a fish and is a bright green color.

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  9. Domaine de Paris Cotes de Provence 2013 Rose - A Perfect wine for a Mother's Day Picnic

    This Sunday is Mother's Day and the weather is supposed to be glorious. Sunny and in the seventies, it has all the makings of great picnic weather. What better way to celebrate than to get outside and fire up the grill or pack up a variety of cold foods to enjoy at one of our wonderful parks in Western New York?

    As far as wine is concerned, maybe it’s time to skip the usual suspects like asti or prosecco and opt for something a bit more unusual. A dry, yet fruity Rose could be just the ticket. The Dom de Paris Cotes de Provence 2013 Rose will do nicely.

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  10. Great Value Wines: Bleecker NV Chardonnay

    The first thing you might wonder about this wine is how good can a non-vintage chardonnay be when some of the least expensive and lousy tasting wines have vintages? Don't over think this one folks.  There are wines out there where using a vintage year has little to do with quality and more about false expectations, but not this gem. This wine delivers.

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