Burgers and hot dogs and beer, oh my! Burgers and hot dogs and beer, oh my! Are you feeling the Labor Day picnic overkill? Are you ready for a glass of something light, crisp, and citrusy to go with a like-wise lunch? If so, this 2010 Les Bastions Blanc is just the ticket.

Made from three grapes that are admittedly not very familiar to many people, (Arrufiac, Petit Courbu, and Gros Manseng) but combined make a terrific wine that will please those who favor crisp, dry, wines ranging from French Chablis to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Les Bastions Blanc is a complex wine without being overwrought with fruit. The grapefruit- citrus aroma is clear, as is the light floral bouquet. The grapefruit is still very evident on the tongue with an herbal tint on the finish.

Enjoy this wine with a simple salad made from red onion, mandarin oranges, mesclun, or arugula with a citrus – olive oil dressing. This wine would also work well with broiled white fish as well. Skip the

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