Many customers have been fans of Woodbury winery since the 1970's. About 5 years ago, for various reasons we let our stock and attention to Woodbury lapse. Recently we've begun carrying the Woodbury line again, with good reason. The ownership at Woodbury decided it was time to make world class wine at Woodbury again.

The first step they took was to hire New York Superstar, Phil Hazlitt, as the wine maker. Phil had a lot of success in Finger Lake Wine Country with 2 different "Premier Favorite" Wineries, Heron Hill and Atwater. The quality of the wines immediately improved and with Phil's local vineyard contacts Woodbury was soon offering wine on par with the best in the State.

One my favorites is the new Semi Dry Riesling- great wine with bold fruit and snappy acidity. Priced at $18 a bottle, it shows great value for the quality wine inside. The wine is too new to be on the web as of posting, but here are a few of our Woodbury offerings:

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