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Suvali Pinot Noir

2020 / 750 ml.

Item #: 47731

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United States | California


Primary Grape: Pinot Noir

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Pinot Noir, the grape behind Burgundy wine, is the ultimate food-pairing wine. Whether it be a hearty red meat dish or light seafood/pasta dish, chances are Pinot Noir will pair well with it. This also makes Pinot Noir wine one of the best red wines for gifting at dinner parties!

The Pinot Noir grape thrives in cooler climates such as those where it originated in Burgundy. Wine lovers appreciate its versatility - it's one of the few wines that's both approachable as a young wine and complex and delicious as it ages. The best red wines made from Pinot Noir grapes are typically found in Burgundy, California, and Oregon, but you'll find examples of this wine from all over the world.

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